This gate, Bab Bou Jeloud, built in 1913, is the
main, formal entrance to the medieval world of
Old Fez, dating back more than 600 years.  Old
Fez is a true labyrinth, with over 9,000 twisting
lanes.  As with Venice, the automobile cannot exist
in Old Fez.  The tourist may get lost, but will not
be run over by any motorized vehicle.
That leaves room for people, donkeys, mules, and
horses in the narrow alleys of Old Fez.
The countless shops in Old Fez require that products
be moved.  So the burden falls upon heavily loaded
donkeys such as this one.
Most of the shops in old Fez cater to the local
residents, not tourists.  I still have no idea what is
being sold here, but would guess that it's food.
Distribution of Coca Cola is so adaptive to
conditions anywhere on the planet that Old Fez is
no challenge at all.  Coke has Morocco covered.
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