The Berber Extravaganza
We are transported to a Berber world of food, music,
dancing, and entertainment, just outside Marrakesh.
Our dinner was in one of these gigantic tents.  Along
with the great food came one group after another of
Berber dancers, singers, and musicians, men and
women, all wearing colorful costumes.  I would have
been satisfied if that had been the entire
The real show was after dinner in an outdoor arena.
It began with a massive parade.  That is followed by
numerous performers, including a magic flying carpet
that slowly made its way hovering over the event.
Displays of horsemanship had the starring role.  
The Berbers were reputed to be fierce warriors.  
Conducting something like a cavalry charge, the
riders galloped towards the audience and then fired
their rifles into the air.  The Berber big bang.   
Trick riding is another feature, a competition
of skill between the men that resembled a
rodeo.  There are also displays of how well the
horses are trained, such as this bow.  When a
young boy came out to imitate the men's
bravado on a donkey, he was a big hit.

Only video can properly capture this show,
both inside and outside the tent.  It's probably
still the best entertainment in Morocco.     
Outside Marrakesh, Morocco
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