Watermen.  They carry out an old tradition in the Djemaa
el-Fna square, although I never saw anyone actually drink
their water.  The locals must, given the heat.  But with
these colorful costumes, tourists pay to take their picture.   
The square's "dentist" offers a most impressive display
of teeth.  Again I think his practice is limited to tourists
who can take pictures and submit to "treatment".
I only paid the dentist's photography fee.  But this
tourist went for extraction, which does produce an
unusual picture, especially on video.  The tooth being
"removed" is from the existing stockpile.  
By 6 PM, as the heat subsides, the square completely
changes character, as the local residents of Marrakesh
come out for evening entertainment.  Food stalls take
over one section, while magicians, storytellers, snake
charmers, musicians, plus other performers compete
for the crowd's attention and contributions.
The Berber acrobats, with their tumbling and human
pyramids, appeared to be the favorite act.  In
constant motion, only the video camera can do them
justice.  (See the next page for more on the
Shoppers can walk past the square right into the
market place (souq).  Carpets are a Moroccan  
specialty, for sale everywhere.
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