Rio de Janeiro Vistas
Rio de Janeiro is a city dominated by mountains.  From the
Sugarloaf summit, Copacabana is the long, circular beach on
the left, with Ipanema the next beach over to the south, away
from Sugarloaf.
The same photo reversed, from Copacabana Beach towards
Sugarloaf and its summit on the far right.
Corcovado is Rio's tallest mountain, with its statue of Christ
the Redeemer looking down upon the city.
The statue, built in 1931, is Rio's symbol.  It
can be difficult to photograph from the
narrow summit of Corcovado.
Near dusk, a panorama of Rio de Janeiro and Sugarloaf from
the Corcovado summit, which is reached by a 20 minute train
ride up the steep slope.  Access to Sugarloaf is from a more
dramatic pair of aerial cable cars.
Sugarloaf is ready for its close-up.
Ipanema (down below)
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of Argentina and
Brazil clicking on:  
Tango and Samba Falls