Iguazu Falls
Argentina Side
Iguazu is a massive array of over 200 separate waterfalls, a
World Heritage Site, which form a portion of the border
between Argentina and Brazil.  This picture, taken from
Argentina's upper circuit, shows one of the longest waterfall
rows.  (It had been a fairly dry year.)
This close-up shows falls on the right side of the prior shot.
On the far left, this was the largest upper circuit waterfall.
Devil's Throat is the star at Iguazu, the tallest waterfall, also
consuming the largest amount of water.  Approached by rail
and then a catwalk hike over the Iguazu River, the mouth of
Devil's Throat can be seen on the Argentine side.  Wind and
the waterfall combined to produce so much spray that,
although I could stand directly above it, no photography
directly into the massive throat was possible.        
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of Argentina and
Brazil clicking on:  
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