King Ludwig II's
Fairy Tale Castle of
Bavaria, Germany
Bavarian King Ludwig II was a 19th Century
builder of opulent castles and palaces.  It is
generally believed that he was murdered in
1886 to prevent him from spending more
money on castles.  Work on every castle
and palace immediately stopped.
Ludwig II's world famous castle of Neuschwanstein,
the model borrowed by Walt Disney for Sleeping
Beauty's Castle.  Never completed and now a great
tourist attraction.  I took this picture from down
below on a clear day in 2003.
On a less than clear day here is the castle
in profile from a bridge right next to it.
Tours begin with the magnificent throne
room.  Ludwig II died before actually
placing his throne here.  Still no throne.
Ludwig II greatly admired Richard Wagner
and his operas, which were to be staged
in the castle.  This room was a place
where the Wagner operas could be sung.  
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