Munich's giant beer party takes place in many
large tents; with music, food, and an endless
supply of beer.  Here is the exterior of one tent.  
Hoping for better weather, Oktoberfest starts in
September.  It still rained.
Munich, State of Bavaria, Germany
Each tent has its own unique decorations.  Here
a giant hookah smoking creature, probably a
caterpillar, rotates alongside green foliage.  
Band is on the right, but not easy to hear, given
the constant din in every tent from the huge
number of celebrants.
Another tent jammed with people, band in the
center.  Reservations are advised to get a seat
at one of the tables in every tent.
Here is the beer, served in glass mugs.
Another very crowded tent, these lucky
people at tables close to the band.
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