The Cologne Cathedral (Dom) - Two views of Germany's most
famous twin church spires.  Construction began in 1248, but
lack of money and loss of the building plans delayed completion
until 1880.  The Cologne Cathedral is a World Heritage Site
and probably Germany's best known Catholic Church.
Present day Cologne was built on top of a massive Roman
Empire city from 2,000 years ago.  Some Roman walls,
including this tower, remain in their original locations.  So
many Roman artifacts were uncovered that Cologne built a
museum next to the Cathedral as a showplace for them.  
Unlike Berlin's Pergamon Museum, which acquired
everything it has from distant countries, the Romans left
items behind which became the Cologne museum's collection.  
At Cologne's Roman Germanic Museum, this
huge grave monument is the largest exhibit.  
Roman cemetery artworks are a major category
of the museum's display.  
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