Prambanan Temples
Central Java's 9th century Hindu empire constructed a gigantic
temple complex about 50 years after the Borobudur Buddhist
Stupa was completed.   In 1478, the last Hindu kingdom on Java
evacuated to Bali, leaving Java to the victorious Moslems.

Prambanan lay in ruins until reconstruction during the last
several decades.  Eight temples now stand where there once
were hundreds.  An irony is that modern Indonesia, the world's
largest  Islamic country, benefits from Java's two most popular
tourist attractions, Borobudur (Buddhist) and Prambanan (Hindu).  
Both  are World Heritage Sites very close to Yogyakarta.
Prambanan has the look and feel of Hindu temples in India
The main temple is to the Hindu god Shiva
You may need a high resolution monitor to see him properly,
but Ganesh (my favorite Hindu god), is represented in one of
the four dark shrines of the Shiva Temple.  Ganesh statues
can thus be found on both Java and Bali.
Java, Indonesia
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Gamelan, Garuda & Ganesh