Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
The Polar Bear Capital of the World
The polar bears have gigantic paws.
Feeding the bears is illegal, but they act as
if an exception always needs to be made.
Travel is by Tundra Buggy.  This Tundra Buggy is part of a
lodge, making it possible to sleep in polar bear territory.
The polar bear is standing in Tundra Buggy tracks.
Polar bears don't appear white compared to the color of snow
This bear camped out behind our Tundra Buggy for several
minutes, obviously hoping for an illegal  meal.  Instead, he
became the most photographed bear of the entire trip.  
Before leaving,  he reared up on his hind paws and lunged at
the Tundra Buggy.
Watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free
streaming video of polar bears, "POLAR BEAR
PUEBLO", on the Windows Media Player (with
a high speed connection).  The bears follow the
New Mexico segment after clicking on:
Polar Bear Pueblo .  

I think New Mexico is worth watching.  
Otherwise you can try fast forwarding to the
bears, who begin at about 16:57 in.
Here is the lunge from a different bear at
a nearby Tundra Buggy.
Our own bear's lunge provided this close-up.