Lima, Peru's Capital
Lima began as a 16th century Spanish city, founded by
Pizarro, who conquered the Incas.  It is full or museums and
colonial churches.  Pizarro never left Peru, and his remains
have a place of honor in the Lima Cathedral.  This is part of
my video.
I was more interested in the colonial church pictured above,
San Francisco, because I wanted to finally see catacombs.  
The Church of San Francisco has an elegant ceiling.
No question that some of the Inca gold taken by the
Spanish ended up in many churches, including
Lima's San Francisco.
I suspect Inca treasure also became part of this golden
display in another colonial church.
Back to the Church of San Francisco, where I went
underground to view its catacombs.  There is a
Catholic custom in some churches of putting human
bones on display.  70,000 people are estimated to
have been buried here, so bones are plentiful.
More bones.  These catacombs included bone and skull
formations, at a very dark location, which are in my video.  
Having seen Lima's catacombs, I have no plans to visit any
If you have a high speed internet connection, please watch
my free Peru video of this trip by clicking on:
The Inca Lost and Found