Sacred Valley of the Incas
The Sacred Valley of the Incas lies between Cuzco and
Machu Picchu.  It includes historic sites, Indian (Inca)
markets, and traditional villages where the people farm the
land of their ancestors and still speak the Inca language.  
These three men are from one such village, high in the hills.  
Thanks to my guide/translator, I was able to interview them,
a video highlight.  The children below also live in that
Inca children dress in the traditional style from an early age,
often wearing the same clothes as their parents.
Ollantaytambo, which may have been a temple, but is best
known as an Inca Fortress.  From these steep stone
terraces,  an army of Inca warriors routed the Spanish in
1536, one of their major victories over the conquistadors.
The Spanish later returned with massive reinforcements
and took the fortress.
Another example of parent and child dressing
alike in the traditional Inca manner.
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