Glorious Buddhist Temples
        Of Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang, former capital of Laos, was added to the
United Nations list of World Heritage Sites in 1995.  It is
the best preserved city in South-East Asia, with such a
multitude or ornately decorated Buddhist temples that I
gave up trying to identify most of them.
The Golden City Monastery was built by a Laotian
King in 1560, and enjoys the greatest fame among all
Luang Prabang temples, due to royal patronage.
This Naga (Buddhist snake head image) led the
funeral carriage for the last Laotian King.  The
Communists ended the monarchy in 1975.  This
carriage is kept at the former royal monastery.
Here is an example of a Luang Prabang temple
which contains colorful decorations everywhere.
Finely carved golden temple doors.
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