The Grand Palace
Bangkok, Thailand
One of two giant Palace Guardians.
Here are both guardians, taller than the roof behind them.
The Grand Palace is a complex of numerous structures.  
With few exceptions, all interiors are closed to visitors.  
The King still uses the Grand Palace for ceremonial events.
I believe this is a golden Buddhist stupa (shrine).
A good vantage point for showing the layered,
multi-colored roofs featured on most of the
larger buildings in the Grand Palace.
The Grand Palace lit at night.  This wide shot shows the
palace's great variety of different buildings, temples, and
monuments, all placed here since the capital was moved to
Bangkok in 1782, replacing Ayuthaya.  As the only
country in the region to escape western colonization, I saw
the Grand Palace as a symbol of Thailand's freedom.  
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
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