Traditional Mayan Village
          of Zinacantan
Women weave in Zinacantan while the men grow flowers, a
pair of commercial enterprises.  I am at a weavers cooperative.
Some examples of what the weavers produce for sale.
Thanks to our guide's relationship with this co-op, the Mayan
weavers allowed their pictures to be taken.  The Maya will
usually decline to be photographed.  A nearby village bans all
cameras, and while almost gored by a bull, (part of Carnival),
no photos exist of my experiences there.  This village was far
superior for both videos and stills.    
My best picture of the entire trip, nearly all members of the
weavers cooperative family gathered together in their village
finery, before heading off for the main square to join in Carnival.
Men from the village paraded by in various costumes that
included monsters as their part of Carnival.  I have this on
video.  These colorful outfits looked tame compared to what
other males were waring.
Chiapas, Mexico
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free travel video of this trip to Chiapas, Mexico  
by clicking on
Mayavision Dos  ; The earlier Mayan Pyramids and
Mexico City video is at: