The Virgin of Guadalupe
Mexico City, Mexico
Far from the Zocalo, in a different region of Mexico City,
pilgrims come to this modern Catholic Church, Mexico's
holiest shrine, to celebrate a 450 year old miracle.  
Some pilgrims show their devotion by entering the church on
their knees.  I have been to other Catholic sites which
recognize miracles, nothing comparable to this special place.
Behind the church altar, literally wrapped in the
Mexican flag, is the Virgin of Guadalupe.  The
Virgin Mary is believed to have left her image on an
Indian's cloak, which is displayed for all to see.  The
Virgin of Guadalupe has become a symbol of Mexico
Here is an image of the Virgin Mary like no other in
the world, inherently Mexican.  The faithful gaze up
at the Virgin of Guadalupe, while passing her on
moving, level stairways designed to handle the crowds.
There are no restrictions on photography, with video
allowed, so I could leave the moving stairway, taking my
time, trying to capture the best cloak and Virgin Mary image.
This was my finest close-up of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
I had seen the image before, since Mexicans and
Mexican-Americans often carry it on holidays,
marches, and political demonstrations.  But I knew
nothing of its origin until this visit to the church in 1995.
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