The Mayan City of Uxmal
The Yucatan, Mexico
Uxmal was a very important Mayan City well over a
thousand years ago, and now rivals Chichen Itza as the
leading Mayan site in the Yucatan.  This building is the
Governor's Palace, one of Uxmal's finest structures.
The Governor's Palace as seen from atop the Pyramid
of the Magician, which stars on the next page.
To the right of the Governor's Palace is a look at
Uxmal's Great Pyramid, still coated on three sides
by the green of jungle control.  It can be climbed on
the single side with restored steps, but loses out in
popularity to the massive Pyramid of the Magician.
Uxmal presents a splendid example of the classic Mayan arch.
When night falls, the Mayan arch is outlined very well in
Uxmal's sound and light show.  My video presents both
the Uxmal and Chichen Itza sound and light shows.  
Uxmal still offers its point of view, 1,100 years after the
Maya abandoned it.  Severe drought appears to have
been the most likely cause, which means I come up with
an entirely different, wacko theory in the video.  
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