Human Sacrifices
         At Chichen Itza
The Yucatan, Mexico
Chichen Itza turns out to have been a human sacrifice theme
park.  These carvings are from the Temple of Skulls, which
also features eagles ripping bodies apart to eat the hearts.  I  
somehow managed to miss photographing the eagles.  In
addition, there is also a sacrificial well, shown in the video.
This deadly carving is from the Platform of the Jaguars &
Eagles.  Looking at the top, you can see the jaguar's ears.  
Moving down, the jaguar's face appears, with its mouth wide
open, about to consume a human heart.  Nothing is hidden
about what went on at Chichen Itza.  The human sacrifice
victims were often captured enemies from rival Mayan
This serpent head is from the Platform of Venus, another
leading site for human sacrifice at Chichen Itza.  The
serpent often appears with a human head in its jaws.
Chichen Itza offers a sound and light show in which the
Temple of Venus is appropriately presented as blood red.
But the script goes even further, with audio of a human
sacrifice in English, ending as the victim cries out when
killed.  I doubt any other sound and light show is so
honest, and it's all part of my video.   
Here is the bloody Mayan reclining god, Chac-Mool,
to whom many of the victims were sacrificed.  I found
this Chac-Mool in the garden of my hotel, adjacent to
Chichen Itza.  Many tourists buy images of Chac- Mool
to take home, presumably unaware of their souvenir's
historic role in human sacrifices.      
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