Belize: The Zoo and
Mayan Site of Lamanai
The nation of Belize used to be British Honduras, which
means their diverse population speaks English.  
Friendly people to talk with, interview, and photograph.
The Belize Zoo was my only chance to see the native
wildlife of this area, including endangered species.  This
creature is a Tapir.  Belize is relatively pristine, but
threatened by development that would destroy critical
habitat for the nation's animals.
The Toucan may be behind bars, but I
was happy to finally photograph this
famous bird with the long, colorful beak.
The boat ride to the Mayan site of Lamanai was
on a wonderfully scenic river, a video highlight.
Lamanai means "sleeping crocodile" and this
crock might have been the official greeter.
Lamanai's huge, 2,000 year old Mayan pyramid is
essentially unrestored.  This is the case with a large
number of Mayan sites, in Belize and other countries.
This Mayan man, who worked at Lamanai, provided the
best interview for my video.  He delivered an attack upon
archaeologists for giving the completely false impression
that the Maya were a lost civilization. He was proud of his
heritage, counting himself as one of five million Maya in the
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
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