Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame (Cathedral of our Lady of Paris) sits on the
island of Cite in the Seine River.  Cite is where Paris began.  
Notre Dame's lovely setting is unmatched by other Gothic
cathedrals.  Completed in the 14th century, Notre Dame is
not the oldest Catholic church in Paris.  But it's the most
important to French history, where Emperors were crowned.
The large square in front of Notre Dame is always crowded.  
The North Tower can be climbed for a splendid view of Paris.
Surrounded by open space and bridges, Notre Dame's entire
structure can be photographed from numerous vantage points.
A close-up from the side of Notre Dame, showing the flying
buttresses on the right.
Gothic cathedrals such as Notre Dame featured stained
glass displays.  But the beauty of these designs is only
hinted at from the outside, looking in.
This same round stained glass floral design, in the shape
of a circle, shows its colors from the inside of Notre Dame.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
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