Turkish Carpets
Turkey and its carpets are insuperable.  We visited
a carpet factory, and I liked this picture of a
woman weaver completely surrounded by carpets.
All weavers at the carpet factory appeared to be
women, which must be an ancient tradition.  Examples
of their work are shown below.  However, the carpet
sellers are 100% male.  I was developing a plan to
include the salesmen in my video.
Here is a gorgeous carpet.  Of course I buy absolutely
nothing; but that would not stop me from the unusual
type of carpet shopping I had in mind.
I large display from the carpet factory.  Years later, in
Morocco, I was able to film the carpets being rolled out.
The salesman here is one of many who appear in the
carpet shopping segments of my Turkish video.
He is one of the first carpet salesmen who established that
my nonsense would work.  They all speak English and will
swoop down upon any potential customer.  So the carpet
salesmen came to me!

I calmly indicated that I was shopping for "the magic flying
carpet", and then filmed their responses.  Nearly all the
salesmen made a serious effort to complete this impossible
sale, or otherwise went along with the joke.  The traditional
Turkish characteristics of tolerance and hospitality were on
my side.  Nobody dismissed me.

Instead carpets were flung into the air to prove they could
fly.  I was treated to marvels of creativity in the sales
pitches, informed that the carpets were certain to fly once I
had consumed sufficient alcohol or presented my credit
card.  The flying carpet shopping routines, conducted in
several cities, are definite highlights of my Turkish video.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of Turkey by clicking
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