Roman Capital of Turkey
Ephesus was the great metropolis and Roman Capital of Asia
(Asia Minor), now Turkey.  As the best Greco-Roman site in
the region, several countries lay claim to Ephesus.  I had
already visited it on a tour of Greece; for those pictures click
Here .  What remains is essentially Roman, starting with this
marvelous example of a Roman street.      
Here are some of the best Roman mosaics,  preserved
and restored at their original locations.
Another Roman mosaic, near an area of shops close to
the main Ephesus entrance that leads to the street above.
All streets lead to the Library of Celsus, a perfect example
of on-site restoration.  Celsus was a Roman Governor.  
Here for my best wide angle photo of the entire
library.  This photo shows the top story.  Impressive, but
all facade.  I walked through it into empty space.
From this lower view, you can see the blue sky that lies
beyond the restored portion of the Library of Celsus.  
Ephesus also features a huge Roman theater, which was
not back into show business during my 1998 visit.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of Turkey by clicking
What the Sultan Saw