The Ottoman Empire
        and Bursa
Rome had already fallen in the 5th century to Germanic and
Gothic tribes.  But the powerful Byzantine Empire, Rome's
eastern half, lived on with its capital at Constantinople.
Centuries later, as the Byzantine Empire declined, a new
Moslem power arose, with its first capital in Bursa.  These
were the Turks, whose Ottoman Empire set it sights upon
capturing Byzantine territory and ultimately conquering
Constantinople itself.  Meanwhile, the Ottomans built Bursa's
Great Mosque in 1399, with the interior shown above.
This is Bursa's Green Mosque, completed in 1424 under
direction of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet I.  It is Bursa's most
famous monument.  Mehmet I tightened the noose around
Constantinople, but he did not capture it.
This is Sultan Mehmet I's Tomb in Bursa, known as the
Green Tomb.  Constantinople outlived Mehmet I, but its time
was running out.  It would be two Sultans later before the
Byzantine Empire finally fell to the Ottoman Turks.
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