Venice Buildings
and other Canal Sights
This architectural beauty is not easy to find.  Meet the
Contarinde Bovolo Palace.  Not near any canal.  
Most canals in Venice are small, such as the one
above, and they can create gondola traffic jams.  
Ordinary people still live in Venice and they hang
their laundry out to dry over a small canal.
This massive building is at the entrance to the Grand Canal.  
It's the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, built in the 17th
century to honor the Virgin Mary for rescuing Venice from
the plague.  A ceremony of thanks for the city's good health is
still conducted annually, ending at this church.   
Gondolas parked in a row are a classic Venice scene.
The Grand Canal features ornate palaces
which remind us of Venice's glory days.
Only a few of the palaces are lit at night, but they
made a striking impression, whether I was on foot
(1994) or trying to take video from a boat (2001).  We
now leave Venice, and the final five pages of this photo
gallery cover places in Italy that can only be seen in
the 2001 "Gondola With the Wind 2" video .  
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free video that is 100% Italy,  by clicking
Gondola With the Wind 2  ; also see Rome, Florence, Pisa,
and Venice by clicking on the earlier
Gondola With the Wind