Venice - The Grand Canal
The Grand Canal is the main street of Venice, a city where
cars do not exist.  Water travel is by gondola, such as the two
shown here, or by Vaporetto, the public floating bus system.  
There are also water taxis, and controversial private motor
boats.  Just three bridges cross the Grand Canal.  
The Rialto is the oldest and most famous bridge, a great place
for taking Grand Canal pictures, such as the prior vista.  In
this photo a Vaporetto water bus is underneath the Rialto.
Early in the day, even the Grand Canal is nearly
empty, in this shot from the Rialto.
I stood on the Academy Bridge for this Grand Canal
picture, looking in the direction of St Mark's Square.
Every gondola ride for tourists features a portion of the
Grand Canal.  My own experience as a Gondola passenger
is part of the "Gondola With the Wind" video.  
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free video that is 100% Italy,  by clicking
Gondola With the Wind 2  ; also see Rome, Florence, Pisa,
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