Venice - St Mark's Square
      and Bell Tower
The hub of land activity in Venice is Saint Mark's Square
(Piazza San Marco), shown above with its canal entrance.
Clustered in and around Sant Mark's Square are the most
famous buildings of Venice.
The 10th century bell tower (campanile) is the best place to
start.  It collapsed in 1902.  Rebuilt to match the original, an
elevator was added; so I took the easy way up.  
From the tower, a marvelous view of St Mark's Square,
perhaps the most impressive central square in Europe.
Venice has a love/hate relationship with pigeons in the square.
Standing in the square, this is more than a picture of pigeons.
You can see the Bell Tower on the right.  Straight ahead is
the Cathedral, featured in the next page.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
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