Florence - The Cathedral
Florence is Italy's jewel of the Renaissance, with the
finest artistic achievements on display in a small area that
is strictly preserved against modern intrusions.  This
picture shows the Duomo (cathedral) where we begin.
The Duomo's facade greets visitors with it's elaborate design.
More details of the Duomo facade in this closeup.
Brunelleschi designed the massive dome, which dared to
challenge and exceed the Pantheon of ancient Rome.  This is
Italy's second great dome.  Michelangelo created a still
larger dome for St Peter's Basilica in Rome.  (See my Italy
Table of Contents for links to those pages.)  
In 2001, on my third trip to Italy, I managed to photograph the
Duomo and other Florence treasures gorgeously lit at night.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
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