The Trevi Fountain,
    the Spanish Steps,
and Other Sights in Rome
Rome must have more fountains than any other city.  The
Trevi Fountain (1732) is the largest and probably still the
most popular.  It also benefits from having its own song,
"Three Coins in the Fountain", now being played in midi.
Another tourist attraction and gathering spot
for locals is the Spanish Steps.  Notice the
Egyptian obelisk in the center of this picture.
After the Roman Empire took over Egypt 2,000 years ago, a
fixation with things Egyptian developed.  This went way beyond
collecting obelisks.  Romans who could afford it chose
to spend eternity in small versions of Egyptian pyramids that
they constructed to be entombed like a Pharaoh.  This one has
survived, and a Roman Pyramid is really odd.
I preferred to locate the Ponte Fabricio, the city's last
surviving Roman Empire bridge over the Tiber River.  
Constructed in 62 BC with graceful Roman arches, this is
also Rome's oldest bridge, still in use for pedestrians and
people on bikes.  Now it's on to other parts of Italy.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free video that is 100% Italy,  by clicking
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