The Roman Colosseum
The Colosseum (Colosseo) was actually the Roman Empire at
its worst.  This is where gladiators, other slaves, and wild
beasts fought and killed for the amusement of a crowd that
numbered 80,000 with a full house.  Early Christians became
martyrs here.
This picture shows all four levels of the Colosseum's exterior.
Much of the building is gone now, but the Colosseum remains
the most famous symbol of the Roman Empire.  My best wide
angle still and the interior as it looked in 1994 are
Here .   
This picture shows how the Colosseum was constructed in
layers, which have been peeled away over the centuries.  
Very little of the outer wall top layer has survived.  The inner
layer, on the right of this shot, is the most intact section.
You can see right through the inner layer into the interior.
The Colosseum looks more attractive when one of the outer
marble layers is present, and this is a popular photo angle.
Rome, Italy
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