Arches National Park
Utah, USA
Arches National Park has the largest collection of arches in
the world.  Many have names.  This is the Delicate Arch, a
symbol of the park.  It looked quite sturdy to me.
The Landscape Arch, with cracks and falling rock, looked
amazingly flimsy compared to the Delicate Arch.  This the
longest arch in the park, a true survivor.  
Calling this one the Tunnel Arch seems obvious.
Meet the Turret Arch.  More arches are in my video,
along with additional national parks and monuments,
not covered in the still picture gallery.  This trip to
four states in 1991 was overly ambitious, and far too
strenuous, but there is little that I missed.          
It's the Skyline Arch, with a high location on the rock.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch this
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer free video of National Parks and
Monuments in South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah & Arizona by
clicking on:
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