Monument Valley
Navajo Tribal Park
Navajo Nation, (Utah-Arizona Border, USA)
Monument Valley's scenic vistas will be familiar to movie
fans, of which I am one.  Director John Ford began this trend
by filming part of 1939's "Stagecoach" here.  We are at
"John Ford Point", named after the famed director of many
westerns, who wanted real scenery outside of Hollywood.
The Navajo offer tours, which gave me a
chance at pretending to be John Ford.
Many of the rocks have names, which I could not keep track
of.  There is now a highway right through the center of
Monument Valley, and it spoils numerous views.
It's a Hogan, the traditional Navajo house.
Native Americans have truly placed their stamp on
Monument Valley.  This is one of the best ancient
petroglyph shots I ever managed to take.
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