Rainbow Bridge
National Monument
(Navajo Nation), Utah, USA
Rainbow Bridge is the largest natural bridge on the planet,
290 feet tall and 170 feet across.  This was my introduction to
the geologic world of natural bridges and arches.  The
bridges were created over eons by bodies of water; the
arches by erosion.  Both formation types looked much the
same and were equally impressive.

One gets to Rainbow Bridge by boat, although the option of
an 18 mile hike is available, with a Navajo permit.  Rainbow
Bridge is sacred to the Navajo and other Native Americans.  
The Navajo filed lawsuits to gain control of Rainbow Bridge,
but had to settle for compromises with the Park Service.
Tourists cannot climb Rainbow Bridge, although it's enough
of a challenge trying to get a picture that is close, without
losing that essential, majestic shape.  The photo above was
my best effort, slightly closer than the first, wider still.  As
shown in the video, I was going to have many additional
chances to try photographing natural bridges and arches.   
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