Yellowstone Wildlife
Wyoming, USA
This coyote in the middle of the road
seemed to enjoy stopping traffic.
Walking in the forest I encountered this very handsome
deer.  He stood still long enough for great photography.
I was staying at this Yellowstone lodge.  Several Buffalo gave
the impression they also deserved to be treated as valued
guests.  Hard to miss Yellowstone Buffalo when they hang
around so close to people.  
The main Yellowstone herds like to graze near the road.
Another traffic jam as people grab cameras and abandon
their cars.  Safety concerns disappear in favor of close-ups.
The nursing Buffalo calf provided my best video.  It's an action
sequence that no still can fully capture.  This adventure in
Yellowstone met my expectations.  Utah and Arizona were
next, with canyons, arches, natural bridges, and valleys.  
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch this
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer free video of National Parks and
Monuments in South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah & Arizona by
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