Yellowstone National Park
Wyoming, USA
I started with Yellowstone's most famous resident, the Old
Faithful Geyser.  Very little waiting here, since there is a
timetable for eruptions that Old Faithful still follows.  The
crowd knows exactly when to gather.
Another view of Old Faithful, whose eruption is fairly
brief. Yellowstone has a great many less famous geysers,
whose performance schedules vary greatly as to reliability.  
I filmed other eruptions, but then looked for oddities.
Meet the Grotto Geyser, which somehow managed
to merge with old tree trunks.  Yellowstone's
geysers come in all sizes and shapes.     
At first I thought these could be fires across
the lake.  But was merely a group of lakefront
geysers venting plumes of steam.
This small geyser, besides doing a great  imitation
of its geological relative, the volcano, was also an
island, completely surrounded by lake waters.
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