Grand Teton National Park
Wyoming, USA
A photographer could spend days simply trying for a perfect
picture of the Grand Teton Mountain Range.  The park
contains a large open area that makes possible countless
different angles of the Tetons.  I started with a reflection.
From further away, an entirely different group shot
of the Teton Mountain Range, aided by clouds.
And a closer Teton gathering from the same spot.
Trails go into the mountains and I tried one.  But
the local wildlife was easier to find in the flat areas.
Moose, which I had met in Alaska a year earlier,
like being photographed.  The video has great scenes
of a mother and her two active calves at Grand
Teton.  This quiet drink was the best moose still.  
A tip led me to stake out a beaver dam.  This beaver did seem
awfully busy, in keeping with its reputation.  I enjoyed filming
the beaver swimming and walking.  With that flat tail, its
positive beaver identification.   Next I headed north the
National Park System's grand jewel: Yellowstone.
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