Mount Rushmore
National Monument
South Dakota, USA
My 1991 trip to explore National Parks and Monuments
began here in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Completed in
1941, these giant rock carvings were created by drills and
dynamite.  Rock blasted off the mountain was never removed,
and you can see rubble at the bottom of these pictures.   
From left to right, the U.S. Presidents are George Washington,
Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.  
They are lit at night while the American National Anthem
plays, which I tried to capture in my video.  Mount Rushmore
is one of the best known U.S. symbols.    
Like other tourists, I could not resist having my picture taken.
But I also tried a little satire, as you can hear in the video.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch this
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer free video of National Parks and
Monuments in South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah & Arizona by
clicking on:
Dances With National Parks