Manatees at
     Homosassa Springs         
State Park
Homosassa Springs State Park is on the west coast of
Florida.  It's a refuge for endangered and injured manatees.
Manatees are large, air breathing mammals, hard to
photograph in the water.  They swim and eat close to the
surface, and careless people kill or maim the manatees
with their motorboats.  The scars from such an injury
are very evident on a manatee in my video.
Manatees are gentle vegetarians whose natural food is plants
in Florida's many waterways.  Their heads appear large, but
not in comparison to the rest of a huge manatee body.  
This manatee in a pen has become a lettuce addict.
Feed me! Feed me! More lettuce!!
This manatee is safe, but the species remains at great
risk, declining, while the number of motorboats increases.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of this trip
to Florida
clicking on: Manatees "R" Us
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