Kauai By Helicopter
Hawaii, U.S.A.
Tourist helicopter rides are controversial, especially in
national parks, primarily due to the noise.  But I found the
helicopter over Kauai to be a great thrill, both in 1987 and
again in 1993, from which the following pictures emerged.  
Photography from the helicopter is the climax of my video.  
Keeping the camera straight can be impossible from a
helicopter.  This is the approach to Waimea Canyon.
Inside Waimea Canyon, with regained control of the vertical.
Leaving Waimea Canyon, I knew this gap would lead to
my only chances for decent photography of the Na Pali
The Na Pali Coast, rugged in accordance with its reputation.
Easy to understand why no Kauai road circles the entire
island.  The Na Pali Coast is a nature's elegant barrier to
any such human notions of progress.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free streaming video of this trip
to Hawaii by clicking on:
Lava Luau