Hawaii, U.S.A.
Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head
Island of Oahu
Waikiki on the Island of Oahu is the center of  
Hawaii's tourist industry.  And Waikiki Beach can
be identified by its landmark extinct volcano,
Diamond Head.  My interest was the volcano.
Diamond Head from the air displays a very large,  
round volcanic crater.  It's been used as a fort, with
military installations within the crater.  The urban
sprawl above Diamond Head is part of Honolulu.  
A trail leads up to magnificent views from Diamond
Head's summit at the crater rim.
If I look left, this Diamond Head view is most attractive.
However, facing inland suggests why there are
traffic jams in Honolulu.
And this is Waikiki, amazing hotel density that can best
be viewed from my perch atop Diamond Head.  Hula
shows are offered here, one of which I filmed for the
video.  But to see the lovely and historical parts of Oahu,
I had to get out of Waikiki.   
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free streaming video of this trip
to Hawaii by clicking on:
Lava Luau