The Halemaumau Overlook
Big Island, Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, U.S.A.
 Crater Within the Crater
Nothing like hiking on an active volcano, yet that is possible
with Kilauea erupting in a different area.  Now a second
crater is up ahead, Halemaumau.
Halemaumau is the crater within the crater.  No trails down
there.  It's home to Pele, the Hawaii Volcano Goddess.  On the
right you can see some offerings that have been left for Pele.
I liked this image of Pele, with braids of lava as her hair.  
Traditional native Hawaiians believe she is angry, causing
all the eruptions taking place when I was there in 1993.  
My video includes one theory why Pele was upset.
Pele was not receiving visitors, here in the center of the
Halemaumau Crater, which used to be a boiling lake of lava.
Here I am in the Kilauea Crater, whose walls you can see.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free streaming video of this trip
to Hawaii by clicking on:
Lava Luau