The Islands of Hawaii
The Big Island of Hawaii
Volcanoes National Park
The Kilauea Volcano was sending lava into the sea.  This
giant steam plume marked the spot.  I just had to get closer.
Here is the lava flow close-up.  People who liked taking risks
were next to the lava, as shown in my video.  Now I waited
for dusk to see what colors would appear.
With the camcorder on the ground, I zeroed in for an even
better shot.  The plume was about to change color.
As darkness fell, the plume turned bright to match the
lava.  I have it all in the video.
My best glowing plume.  Very lucky timing, since Kilauea
only does this when in an erupting mood.  I did find my car
in near-darkness without either a trail or injury.  Back to
the town of Volcano where I was staying.
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The Big Island of Hawaii
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free streaming video of this trip
to Hawaii by clicking on: Lava Luau
The Island of Maui
The Island of Molokai
The Island of Oahu
The Island of Kauai
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