The Town of Taos
New Mexico, USA
Anyone visiting the Taos Pueblo may spend a night or more
in the nearby, charming Town of Taos.  This is also one
place for tourists to do their New Mexico shopping.

I was struck by Taos architecture, since all the newer
buildings appeared as if they had just been transported
from the Taos Pueblo.  Apparently the ancient facades are
required by local laws, which is quite a trick, since modern
construction materials are otherwise being used.

Above you see a Taos bank, complete with an ATM that can
be spotted on the ground level, left of the ornamental
ladders.  Looking nothing like a normal American bank
had to be the objective, and it was brilliantly achieved.
The Taos First Baptist Church also appears to be adobe
(clay) construction from prior centuries.  Clearly no
exemption from the facade rules for churches in Taos.   
This was the ultimate example of how serious Taos is about
mandating the appearance of adobe construction in every
new building.  We all know what a Mc Donald's looks like,
but different rules apply in Taos.  Just outside the Taos
Pueblo was a great restaurant that served tribal dishes, and
I enjoyed a wonderful lunch, thanks to an English menu.  
My tendency is to photograph Mc Donald's all over the
world, but not actually eat there.  Such was the case in
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free streaming video of this
trip to New Mexico, "Polar Bear Pueblo", by clicking on:
AdventurePics .  The film begins in New Mexico.