The Taos Pueblo
New Mexico, USA
The Taos Pueblo is one of America's oldest neighborhoods,
dating back approximately 1,000 years.  It changes colors
depending upon the sun, which is very evident in my video.
This is the North House, in bright sunlight, the favorite of
most photographers.  The tribe has encouraged tourism,
not a unanimous sentiment, but it brings in revenue.
Perfect visibility for a panoramic view of the North House
and the mountains that border it.  You can see some cars
parked under racks originally intended for hanging meat.
Tribal parking problems are one intrusion of the modern
world.  The Taos Pueblo has strict rules against such
conveniences as indoor plumbing and electricity.
The Pueblo Church represents classic Taos architecture.
These days tribe members are divided between Christians
and followers of the ancient ways.
The smaller South House has its own charm.  I liked the
ladders, which reminded me of Bandalier National
Monument and the Anasazi.  It's a darker color due to
non-cooperation by the sun.
Even less sun and the South House is a far darker red.
Tribal parking remains wherever you can find it.  Visitors to
New Mexico who head north of Santa Fe should not miss the
Taos Pueblo.  Photography is allowed, for extra fees, based  
upon how many different cameras a tourist has.  The Pueblo
residents nearly all decline to have their picture taken.      
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of this trip to
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