Greek Islands Cruise
The Colossus of Rhodes is supposed to have stood
here, at the entrance to the island's harbor.  The
Colossus was among the Seven Wonders of the
Ancient World.  It was toppled by an earthquake.
In the middle ages, Rhodes fell under control of crusaders,
the Knights of Rhodes, who preferred to rule here rather
than keep fighting for Jerusalem.  This is the Street of the
Knights in the old town.  It leads to their palace.
Palace of the Grand Masters.  It was headquarters
for the Knights of Rhodes.  The Palace was later
reconstructed by Mussolini as his summer home  
after the Italians conquered Rhodes.  The interior
is highlighted by imported Roman mosaics.  
Man vs. beast in this mosaic from the Palace of
the Grand Masters.  A Roman arena scene.
A complex mosaic design.  One basic rule when
visiting the Palace of the Grand Masters is "Don't
step on the mosaics!"
World War II brought the Nazis to Rhodes.  They
murdered nearly every single Jew on the island.  
Today this Rhodes Synagogue is open as a museum.
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