Crete - Palace of Knossos
Greek Islands Cruise
Crete was home to the advanced Minoan civilization of
3,000 years ago.  The Palace of Knossos, partially restored,
helps bring us back to the time when King Minos ruled
here.  According to legend, this palace may have been the
Labyrinth in which the Minotaur also dwelled.    
The throne of King Minos, possibly
the oldest throne in the world.
The Palace of Knossos is decorated
with examples of Minoan art.
Restoring the Palace of Knossos and its artwork will be
another long-term project.  Already it is quite easy to get
lost in the palace's many dark corridors which seem to
lead nowhere.  That does suggest the Labyrinth.  I never
encountered the half-bull/half-man Minotaur.
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