Olympia's museum displays a Temple of Zeus model.  The
Olympic flame used to be kept burning in this temple.  We
are many centuries late to see the Temple of Zeus.
Columns from the Temple of Zeus lie splattered on
the ground where the temple once stood at Olympia.
Restoration at Olympia has provided this archway
entrance to the original Olympic Stadium.  The ancient
Olympic games lasted for about 1,400 years, until
banned as pagan in 393 A.D. by the Roman Emperor
Theodosius, who had converted to Christianity.
Inside the Olympic Stadium, the original starting blocks for
the 200 meter race have survived.  This was one of the
major events, with 20,000 male spectators.  Women could
neither compete in nor observe the ancient Olympic Games.
Greek urns uncovered at Olympia leave no doubt that
the male athletes competed in the nude.  The modern
Olympic Games quickly dispensed with this practice.
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