Old Tallinn - Inside the Walls
The view of Old Tallinn down from the tower on the prior
page known as "Peep into the Kitchen".  Yes, the soldiers
could see everything.
Entering Old Tallinn from the lovely gate on the left,
the first thing you see is McDonald's on the right.
This is Tall Hermann (Pikk Hermann in Estonian), a
tower built in 1371 to protect an Old Tallinn castle
that evolved into the Estonian Parliament.
The Estonian Parliament Building, a symbol of their
independence.  The Estonians conducted a Singing Revolution
to help gain freedom from Soviet rule.  At one point 300,000
Estonians, one third of the country, gathered in Tallinn to
sing national patriotic songs which the Soviets had banned.  
Estonia gained its freedom without confronting Soviet troops.
The story was different in Lithuania, where the Soviets killed
over 20 protesters.  To learn more about Lithuania's fight for
independence, click
here .  In Latvia there were a smaller
number of fatalities at the hands of Soviet troops during their
struggle for freedom.  All three Baltic States achieved
independence in 1991.
My last photo of Tallinn, Estonia at sunset, which is after
10 PM here because we are so far north.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free video of this trip by clicking on:
Tsar Trek