Latvia - The Old City of Riga
Riga is Latvia's capital.  The Old City of Riga is
marvelously preserved and restored.
Part of Old Riga as viewed from atop St Peter's Church.
On the right is the Dom or cathedral, Riga's most
prominent  and historic church.  The Soviets banned
services there for more than thirty years.  In 1988
church services resumed as one of Gorbachev's reforms
in the Soviet Union.  Most Latvians are Lutheran.
Two Latvian women dressed in the traditional style.
The Powder Tower, 14th century, is the last remaining tower
of the 18 that once formed Riga's protective city wall.  Up
close you can see Russian cannonballs from various attacks
that failed to bring down the Powder Tower, but have
remained embedded there.
Another row of attractive buildings in the Old City of Riga.
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