Vilnius - City of Churches
   and One Synagogue
In Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, the old town includes a
large number of Catholic churches.  The most important
one, a national symbol, is the Vilnius Cathedral, shown
here with its clock tower.
Under the Soviets, the Vilnius Cathedral was turned into a
picture gallery.  After Gorbachev came to power, the
Cathedral was reconstituted as a Catholic Church in 1989.
St Ann's Church from the 16th century represents
the best of Gothic architecture in Vilnius.
For centuries old Vilnius included a large Jewish
community and was a great center of Jewish learning.
The Nazi policy of extermination, followed by the
Soviet version of anti-semitism, eliminated nearly all
trace of Jews from Vilnius and Lithuania.  This single
synagogue is all that remains in Vilnius.
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