St Petersburg Palaces
The Romanof Dynasty, including Tsars such as Catherine the
who followed Peter the Great, built the most grandiose
palaces I have ever seen, both in quantity and extravagant
decorations.  This is the Palace of Petrodvorets, near St
Petersburg.  Above is a side view of its marvelous fountains.  For
a full view, click
here .  
The Catherine Palace is in Pushkin, also near St
Petersburg.  Like Petrodvorets, it was destroyed in World
War II, and then rebuilt to full Tsarist glory.  The gold
crosses on this palace can be seen by clicking
The Catherine Palace's exterior design defies description.
Palace rooms also went to such excess that I suggest
you watch my free streaming video to see more of
them, plus the Petrodvorets fountains in action.
The Winter Palace, seized by the Communists to launch
their 1917 revolution, is now the Hermitage.   Great works
of art are displayed, starting with paintings and other
objects collected by the Tsars.  To see the Winter Palace,
which is green, click
here .  This exhibit of the Tsar's golden
coach impressed me far more than the Hermitage's art.          
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free video of this trip by clicking on:
Tsar Trek